Sunday, February 7, 2010

a little update.

its been a few days since i put up a new blog and thats cuz i finally started school! im officially a student at pima medical institute. im really loving the anatomy and physiology part of it but the math suuucks. ive never been real good at math anyways.

so anyways yesterday i went to the northwest youtube makeup guru meet n greet i met itsjudytime,lannetkrystle,and luckypiper just to name a few. it was SO fun and everyone was so kind and friendly. hopefully i can get some pictures from some of the people that were there. for now ill put the 4 pictures that i took up.

me with Lannetkrystle :

Me with Itsjudytime :

The group on the left i like to call it Lannets side lol :

Judys side :

As i get more pictures from people that were there i will add them here.

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